Dr. Sara Ip, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Sara's Approach

The pursuit of passion

While experiencing fatigue, anxiety and nutritional deficiencies as a working professional, Sara realized she was not at her optimal level of performance. Before reaching a state of early exhaustion, she recognized integral components of health had been missing: balance, proper nutrient levels and digestive health. Once strengthened, she was able to cultivate sustainable energy, performance, capacity, and grounding for her life and career. Since then, she has connected with her purpose, passion and life calling, by helping others through healing. 

"Health is self-love"


Doctor, Educator, Wellness Speaker

Reclaiming personal power

"The many goals we set, hopes we harbour, and dreams we carry for our lives are possible to attain. We all have the ability to effect positive change, and develop personal resilience. We know when we are not feeling our best and that the search for improving our quality of life is hugely important for us. Whether health manifests as simple daily habits, a state of inner joy and peace, being able to connect more closely to our minds and bodies, or to others -- let's reclaim your personal power together. It is a true honour to join you on this journey. In health and gratitude." 

- Dr. Sara Ip, ND


From Corporate to Health


A transition from the "daily grind" to developing a stronger understanding of self, health and personal power.

Working Together


Every body is unique and has different needs and approaches to health. Together, we discover what works for you.

Your Health Success


Choose your health goals and we will work towards achieving your personal and professional outcomes.

The Health Journey


Caring For Your Health

It is understandable that you are not living your best life unless your mind and body are in a balanced state. The aim is to take a holistic approach to addressing, preventing and reversing disease. You have chosen to make your health a priority and this will be supported each step of the way.


Natural Healing

Naturopathic philosophy is about providing care using the fundamental principles of healing the body as a whole. You will have a thorough assessment of your health history, family medical history and environmental factors to identify and treat your concerns. 


Personal Choice

Your wellbeing is important and you are provided with guidance, knowledge, and the tools needed to be healthy. You will have the help to achieve optimal wellness with kindness, transparency and integrity. 


Herbal Medicine


Prior to western pharmaceuticals being introduced, herbs were used to treat and prevent medical conditions as they are naturally safe, and contain powerful medicinal properties.

Natural Pain Relief


Pain relief can be achieved with the use of natural methods such as physical therapies, herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation. 

Diet & Nutrition


Diet and nutrition play an important role in our health. Explore food fads, sensitivities, allergies, gut health, and how our bodies digest and metabolize nutrients for health.



The fundamentals from Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture use needling to treat the body and mind as a whole system to optimize energy and performance.

Laboratory Testing


Functional medical testing is important to identify food allergies, antibodies, heavy metals, hormonal imbalances, toxic exposures, environmental pollutants and various factors.

Mind & Body Medicine


The mind and body are intertwined and yet both function as separate entities. Develop your mindfulness, emotional awareness and personal resilience.

Online Booking



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Mississauga Location:

Dr. Sara Ip, Naturopathic Doctor

1553 Hurontario Street, Mississauga, ON, L5G 3H7, Canada

Located on the 2nd floor Office #6 Please use side access for entrance to building. 437-370-9123